Date                                                                      Place Event Campaign
1946 Veroia Greece   Maintenance and Repairs to infrastruce and winding down from duties in the Greek Civil War
1947 Middle East
April 1947 Disbanded
July  1949 Reformed as a Field Squadron in 21 Field Engineer Regiment at Hameln
December 1950 Transferred to 26 Field Engineer Regiment at Hameln
November 1957 26 Field Engineer Regiment became HQRE 4 Division. Squadron under HQRE 4 DIV and moves to Osnabruck in support of 12 Inf Bde
April 1957 Transferred to under command HQRE 5 DIV, but still in support of 12 Inf Bde
Date                                                                    Place Event Campaign
July 1960 5 DIV re-titled 1 DIV
Jan 1961 Squadron transferred to under command HQRE 2 DIV, still in support of 12 Infantry brigade at Osnabruck
September 1967 Squadron in support of 6 Inf Bde, still under command HQRE 2 DIV and at Osnabruck
January 1968 Squadron moves to Ripon, but still in support of 6 Inf Bde and under HQRE 2 DIV
April 1969 HQRE 2 DIV, re-designated 23 Engineer Regiment with Squadron under command, but still in Ripon
Date                                                                    Place Event Campaign
April 1971 Transfers to Hohne to come under command 32 Engineer Regiment and affiliated to 7 Armd Bde
Jul-Nov 1972 Northern Ireland
Jan-May 1974 Northern Ireland with Regiment in infantry role
Mar-Jun 1976 Northern Ireland with Regiment in infantry role
April 1978 21 Engineer Regiment redesignated 1st Armd DIV Engr Regt. Sqn still under comd and at Nienberg
Apr-Jul 1979 Northern Ireland with Regiment in infantry role
1 Troop Xmas 1965 Osnabruck
2 Troop Ex 'Bar Frost' Bardufoss Norway Sep 1965
Officers & SNCOs Hohne 1971
The old Sqn Office Deverell Barracks 1968-1971
2 Troop 1970
Date                                                                 Place Event Campaign
Nov 1980-Mar 1981 Northern Ireland
Jan 1981 1st Armd DIV Engr Regt re-titled 21 Engr Regt with Sqn still under comd and at Nienberg
1983 Falklands - 37 Engineer Regiment
1984 Nienberg
1991 Operation Granby, Iraq
Mar - Sep 1992 Northern Ireland Tour
Oct 1993-Mar 1994 Clothing trials for the combat soldier 95
8 Sep 1994 Becomes 7 HQ Sqn of 21 Engr Regt
June 1995 Bosnia (Op Grapple)
1996 Osnabruck, Quebec Barracks - 21 Engineer Regiment
The Headquarters Squadron of 21 Engineer Regiment, currently deployed on operations in Afghanistan have produced a video parody of Psy's Gangnam Style to raise money for a local charity. See the video below!

Over the past three months, during periods of downtime and after work, soldiers from 7 Headquarters and Support Squadron (HQ & Sp Sqn) have produced the video, launched this week.

Their aim is to raise the profile for the Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team (SMRT), a local charity with whom they have strong links to.

The video was filmed & produced by the British Forces Broadcasting Service (BFBS) in Afghanistan.
Amazon Bridge veterans of May 1944 visit 7 Field Squadron in May 1984 for the 40th aniversary
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Left: Gangman style by PSY.  Right: Afghan style by the Shiny 7
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Bally Kelly 1974
Shiny 7 - Post WW2
Queen Elizabeth II 1952- Present Day
King George VI
RE Cap Badges during this period
To see the developements in Osnabruck 1935- 2009

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Date                                                                                              Place Event Campaign
2008 August Caro Barracks Ripon with 21 Engineer Regiment
2010 Apr - Oct Afghanistan Op Herrick 12 - 21 Engineer Regiment
2012 Oct - 2013 Apr Afghanistan Op Herrick 17
10 March 1959
24 Oct 1960
20 March 1961
2 April 1962
March 62-March 63
March 62-March 63 pg2
7 Field Squadron Historical records 1952 to 1967.

Click on the thumbnails to read the documents
Apr 63-Mar 64
Apr 63-Mar 64 Pg2
Apr 64-Mar 65
Apr 64-Mar 65 pg2
1 Jan 67-31 Dec 67
1 Jan 67-31 Dec 67  pg 2
1967 pg 3
1965 & 1966
In Memorial of all former and serving Shiny Seveners who died whilst serving with the colours
19 January 1974 Ssgt Jim Lund was tragically killed in an accident whilst serving with 7 Field Squadron RE in Northern Ireland. R.I.P
The headstone of Ssgt Jim Lund
Photo Frank Hannaway
The headstone of SSM Ian Donald

Ian was killed on active service
24 May 1973 in Northern Ireland. R.I.P
Photo Mike O'Reilly
The Lendrim Trophy.

The Lendrim Trophy was donated to the squadron by the Shiny Seven Association for an inter- department sports competition. The first competition was held on February 14 2014. The idea of holding the competition on February the 14th was to coincide with the anniversary of Cpl W. Lendrim VC being awarded the Victoria Cross. However, it has been suggested that it be moved to a date that would see more favourable weather conditions, and the 13th May has been suggested so that we could celebrate the 'Amazon   Bridge' annivesary at the same time. Obviously, the next date of the 'Lendrim Day', as always, will depend on the Squadron's commitments but it is likely to be held after February. The first 'Lendrim Day' was a great success and enjoyed by all. It was good to see inter-troop rivalry, the lads took it seriously and tried very hard. The association are greatful to Major A. Lawes and his staff for making us most welcome and allowing us to visit the Shiny 7 once again.
Sapper Magazine online
Click on the video link to see the bridge in action
The British built BR 90 -  Bridging Equipment, first came into service with the Royal Engineers from 1996.

The Royal Engineer BR-90 family of bridges are built from a range of seven modular panels of advanced aluminium alloy, interchangeable through the various bridge types, to form two interconnecting trackways with a 4 metre overall bridge width and a 1 metre girder depth.

Close Support Bridge - It consists of three tank-launched bridges capable of being carried on a tank bridgelayer and a tank bridge transporter (TBT) truck.

There are three basic tank launched bridges (also known as Close Support or Assault Bridges): numbers 10,11 and 12.

General Support Bridge - This system utilises the Automated Bridge Launching Equipment (ABLE) which is capable of launching bridges up to 44 metres in length. The ABLE vehicle launches a lightweight rail across a gap where the bridge is then built.

The bridge is assembled and winched across the gap supported by the rail, with sections added until the gap is crossed. Once the bridge has crossed the gap the ABLE launch rail is recovered. A standard ABLE system set consists of an ABLE vehicle and two TBTs carrying a 32 metre bridge set. A 32 metre bridge can be built by ten men in about 25 minutes.

Spanning Systems - There are two basic spanning systems. The long span system allows for lengthening a 32 metre span to 44 metre using ABLE and the two span system which allows 2 x 32 metre bridge sets to be constructed by ABLE and secured in the middle by piers or floating pontoons, crossing a gap of up to 60 metres.
Close Support Bridge

Titan Armoured Vehicle Launcher Bridge (AVLB)
Titan Armoured Vehicle Launcher Bridge (AVLB)
Still the same technique!
Shiny 7 reunion of members from the 1970s
Pic from Dave ( Paddy ) Armstrong.

With Bettina U. Paul Wilson, Richard Bowring, Bill Milne, Tony Halliwell, Mal Gill, Kevin Highfield, Ken Cumming, Malcolm Arfa Askey Louie, Stephen Bruen, Paul Chappie Chapman, Scottie Borthwick, Monica Ken Murphy, Chris Jackson, Paul Boswell and David K Davidson.Calvin Hopkins
Northern Ireland tour 1972
Geordie Skelton and Jock Muir 7 Field Squadron RE  1974
GOC inspects 3 troop Kesh 1974
Regtl assault course competition 1986/87
Steve Hoy  Geordie Tate  Graham Bream
The Saracen factory Londonderry
Bally Kelly 1974
Now that the Regiment is part of the Army 2020 Adaptable Force it has taken under command two Army Reserve sub units: 103 Field Squadron (located in Newcastle) and 106 Field Squadron (located in Sheffield).

Below: photos from Paul Chapman 7 Field Squadron - 32 Engr Regt
More photos on 'Lendrim Day' page:
Below: 7 Sqn management dinner 11 December 2015

Mike O'Reilly and George Cowie of the Shiny 7 Association in attendance.

A great bunch of guys and girls made it a most enjoyable evening.