7 Coy / Sqn  -  Time Line
Time Line
1811-Formed in Portugal as 7 Coy of 2nd Bn

Jan 1812-Spain Peninsular War
Jan 1814-France
Jul 1814-Portsmouth
Feb 1815-Woolwich
Apr 1815-Chatham
Dec 1816-Spike Island
Jan 1818-Barbados
Nov 1819-Re-titled 7 Coy
Jul 1822-Woolwich
May 1823-Portsmouth
Sep 1827-Canada for work on Rideau Canal
Nov 1831-Reduced to a Cadre
Dec 1831-Woolwich
Jan 1832-Disbanded
-18 Coy re-titled 7 Coy at Halifax, Nova Scotia
Aug 1836-Woolwich
May 1837-Chatham
Feb 1838-Woolwich
Jan 1842-Corfu
Apr 1848-Woolwich
Oct 1851-Portsmouth
Jun 1852-Hurst Castle
Feb 1854-Woolwich
Apr 1854-Turkey (Gallipoli)
Nov 1854-Crimea
Jul 1856-Devenport
May 1857-Chatham
Aug 1857-Halifax Nova Scotia
Oct 1862-Chatham
Apr 1863-Dover
Jan 1866-Chatham
Jun 1866-Isle of Grain
Jan 1868-Chatham
Mar 1868-Woolwich
May 1869-ST Helena
Jan 1876-Cape of Good Hope
1879-Redesignated a Fd Coy and in Zulu War
Jan 1880-Chatham
Mar 1881-Natal for 1st Boer War
Feb 1882-Aldershot
Nov 1884-S. Africa for Bechuanaland expedition
Dec 1885-Chatham
May 1886-Curragh Near Dublin
May 1888-Aldershot
Jun 1893-Chatham
Oct 1896-Curragh Near Dublin
Aug 1899-S. Africa and Boer War
Oct 1899- Apr 1900 - Hopetown - Kimberely -Graspan - Modder River - Battle of Magersfontain - Bloemfontain 
May 1900 - Winberg - Johannesberg - Doomkop
Time Line
Oct 1902-Aldershot
Apr-Aug 1905-Temporary duty at Trawsfynnyd
Apr 1906-Shorncliffe
1907-In 4 Div
Aug 1914-France with 4 Div - Kemmel -armementieres -1st Battle of the Marne - Poperinghe
May 1915-Transferred to 48 Div
Jun 1915-Transferred to 50 Div - Armentieres - Ypres Salient - Sanctuary Wood
Mar-Apr 1916 - Hill 60 - The Bluff
Apr - Jul 1916 - Wytschaete Ridge - Mont Des Cats
Sep-Oct 1916 - The Somme - Battle Flers Courcelette - Battle of Morval - Battle of Le Transloy
Jan-Mar 1917 - Albert - Foucaucourt - Morcourt sur Somme
Mar-Apr 1917 - March to Arras - First battle of Scarpe - The battle of Arras - Second battle of the Scarpe
Apr-Jun 1917 - Humbercourt - Souastre
Jun-Oct 1917 - St Martin sur Cojeul - Goumecourt
Oct-Dec 1917 - Elverdinghe and Boesinghe - Battle of Passchendaele
Dec1917-Feb 1918 - Ypres Salient - Passchendaele Sector
Feb-Mar 1918 - East of Amiens - Retreat from the Somme - Battle of St Quentin - Battle of Rosieres
Apr 1918 - Ponches near Crecy - Operations on the River Lys - Battles of Estaires - Battle of Hazebrouck
Apr-May 1918 - Foret de Nieppe - Glomenghem Blessy Pernes
May 1918 - Chemin des Dames - Battle of the Aisne - Retreat from the Aisne
Jun 1918 - Aulineux - Mondement - I'Hermite
Jul-Sep 1918 - Dieppe for refitting and training
Sep 1918 - Battle of St Quentin Canal
Oct - Nov 1918 - Epehy to Semousies
Oct 1918 - Battle of Beaurevoir - Battle of Cambrai - Battle of the Selle
Nov1918 - Battle of the Sambre
Nov-Dec 1918 - Semousies - Herbignies
Jan-May 1919 - Army of Occupation
May 1919-Reduced to a Cadre
Apr 1920-Coy re-formed at Chattenden
Apr 1920-Cologne, part of British Army of the Rhine
Oct 1939-France with 4 Div BEF
Jun 1940-UK, Rowlands Castle 
Jul 1940-Northlands
Nov 1940-Crawley Court
Aug 1941-Henley
Oct 1941-Crawley Court
Dec 1941                -        Cove
Apr 1942                -        Hoddam Castle
Jun 1942               -        Kershope Foot
Mar 1943               -        Tunisia
Jul 1943                -        Algeria
Dec 1943                -        Egypt
Mar 1944               -        Italy
Dec 1944-Greece
1947-Middle East
(Note - No connection with wartime 7 Fd Sqn 1940-44)
Apr 1947-Disbanded
Jul 1949-Formed as a Fd Sqn in 21 Fd Engr Regt at Hameln
Dec 1950-Transferred to 26 Fd Engr Regt at Hameln
Nov 1957   -    26 Regt became HQRE 4 Div -Sqn under HQRE 4 Div and moves to Osnabruck in sp of 12 Inf Bde
Apr 1958   -   Transferred to under comd HQRE 5 Div, but still at Osnabruck and in sp 12 Inf Bde
Jul 1960        -        5 Div re-titled 1 Div
Jan 1961 -  Sqn transferred to under comd HQRE 2 Div, still in sp of
12 Inf Bde at Osnabruck
Sep 1967-  Sp changed to 6 Inf Bde, still under HQRE 2 Div and at Osnabruck
Jan 1968   -  Moved to Ripon, but still in sp 6 Inf Bde and under comd of HQRE 2 Div
Apr 1969 -   HQRE 2 Div redesignated 23 Engr Regt with Sqn under comd but still at Ripon
Apr 1971   -   Transfers to Hohne to come under comd 32 Engr Regt and Affiliated to 7 Armd Bde
Jul-Nov 1972-In N. Ireland Bally Kelly
Jan-May 1974  -  In N. Ireland with the Regt in the Inf role Long Kesh
Mar-Jun 1976 - In N. Ireland with the Regt in the Inf role Londonderry
Sep 1977    -   Transfers to 21 Engr Regt at Nienberg
Apr 1978   -    21 Regt redesignated 1st Armd Div Engr Regt, Sqn still under comd and at Nienburg
Apr-Jul 1979-In N. Ireland with the Regt in the Inf role Maze/Portadown
6 Nov 80-16 Mar 81 -In N. Ireland Bally Kelly
Jan 1981-1st Armd Div Engr Regt re-titled 21 Engr Regt, with Sqn still under comd and at Nienburg
Feb-July 1983 -  Falkland islands
Mar-Sep 1992 -  Northern Ireland
Oct 93-Mar 94-Clothing Trials for the Cbt Soldier 95
8 Sep 1994-Becomes 7 HQ Sqn of 21 Engineer Regiment
1996 - Germany Quebec Bks Osnabruck   21 Engineer Regt
Time Line
Aug 2008-Claro Bks Ripon       21 Engineer Regt
Apr - Oct 2010 - Afghanistan Op Herrick 12
Oct 2012 - Apr 2013 - Afghanistan Op Herrick 17
Officer Commandings
1811- Capt J F Burgoyne
- Capt W H Slade
Capt A Thompson
Sub Lt A Wallace
- Capt R Z Mudge
Sub Lt G Robinson
Capt J L Hulme
Capt E Figg - Lt W Rogers
Capt T Roberts
1819- Capt W D Smith
1825- Capt J C Victor
- Capt H J Savage
- Capt P Cole
- Capt E Matson
1832- Capt C Rivers
1836- Capt H P Wulfe-
- Capt J Hawkshaw
Lt R C Moody
Lt F A Yorke
Capt C Oldenshaw
1851- Capt A P G Ross
1852- Capt J R Mann
- Capt C J Gibb
1855- Capt G St J Crofton
- Capt G Ranken
- Capt W C Anderson
1856- Capt A Fisher
Jul 1857
- Capt R Warren
1860- Capt R N Dawson
1861- Capt A Dirom
1862- Capt F E B Beaumont
1866- Capt E F Slloyd
- Capt F T Warburton
- Lt W Salmond
- Capt F W R Clements
- Maj F W Nixon
1884- Capt C H Bagot
- Maj Stafford
Jan 1899- Bt L Col W F H S Kincaid
Oct 1900- Maj E D Haggitt
Oct 19021-Maj S G Faber
Sep 1914- Maj C B O Symons
Jan 1916- Maj J A McQueen MC
Feb 1918
- Maj H A Baker MC
Mar 1918- Maj W F Baldwin DCM
Jul 1918- Maj J McGill MC
Apr 1920
- BT Maj B T Wilson DSO
- Capt R I Musson MC
- Maj N T Fitzpatrick DSO MC
Aug 1923
- Maj F A Ferguson DSO
1924- Maj A N Paxton DSO MC
- Maj B T Wilson DSO
Sep 1927- Maj E N Evelegh DSO MC
Mar 1929- Maj T W R Haycraft
1939- Maj E M Blake
Sep 1939- Maj J H R Le Sueur
Mar 1940
- Maj R R Gillespie
Jun 1940- Maj J C Walkey
Aug 1941- Maj M C Richardson
- Maj Griffin
Mar 1944- Maj R S C Low
May 1944
- Maj A D D Dawson
Nov 1944
- Maj S H A Johnson
Jun 1946
- Maj P W Kinder
Nov 1950
- Maj S A Frosell
Apr 1952- Maj J H S Read
Jan 1954
- Maj R S Winnington-Ingram
Feb 1955- Maj H W B Stephens
Feb 1956-Maj P D Stenning
Jan 1957
-Maj J G Vanreenen
1959-Maj T N Gartside
Mar 1961
-Maj H E M L Garrett
Jan 1963
-Maj B S Read
Jan 1965-Maj J P K Crawford
Mar 1967
-Maj P J Dickinson
-Maj J R Alford
Feb 1969-Maj J R D Alexander ?JCD
Feb 1970
-Maj F M K Tuck
Mar 1972-Maj I M Guthrie
Aug 1973
-Maj P M Hill
1975-Maj F A F Daniell
Jun 1977-Maj N H D Prendergast
-Maj D E Tait MBE
Sep 1981-Maj A A Wilson
Feb 1984
-Maj A C Farmer
Jan 1986
-Maj IMDaniell
Feb 1988
-Maj A C Pope
Jan 1990
-Maj C M Sexton

7 Headquarter Squadron RE
Feb 1992-Dec 1992   Maj M.F. Thomas RE

Dec 1992-Dec 1993  Maj D.A. Caulfield RE
Dec 1993-Oct 1994   Maj G.R. Gibbs RE
Oct 1994-Dec 1995   Maj P.S. Clayton RE
Dec 1995-Aug 1998   Maj F.J. Green RE
Aug 1998-Aug 2001   Maj E.H. Tomiczek BEM RE
Aug 2001-Apr  2003   Maj  R.I. Blackstock RE
Jul 2003- Jul 2005    Maj J.S. Neely RE
Jul 2005-Apr 2006     MAJ A.W. Moxham RE

7 Headquarters and Support Squadron RE

Apr 2006- Jul 2007   Maj A.W. Moxham RE
Jul 2007- Jul 2009   Maj S.D. Matten RE
Jul 2009- Jul 2011   Maj B.W.D Whishaw RE
Jul 2011- Jul 2013   Maj S.M. McGhee RE
Jul 2013-                 Maj A.Lawes RE
2015                       Maj  Raper RE
Officer Commandings to be updated shortly

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               7 Field Company RE Company Sergeant Majors

WO2 CSM H.Martin DCM RE                 1899-1902
WO2 CSM  G.CLARK DCM RE             1902
Serjt A/CSM M.S.Wren RE                      1914
WO2 CSM H. Russell DCM RE              1914-1915

WO2 CSM Parker Mid RE                       1918
WO2 CSM Gale MM RE                          1939-44
WO2 CSM R. Gilbert RE                         1940
WO2 CSM F.Smith                                  1944-45

         7 Field Squadron RE Sergeant Majors

WO2 (SSM) j Heap RE                            1961-64
WO2 (SSM) Clouter RE                           1965-66
WO2 (SSM) Radbroune RE                     1967-68
WO2 (SSM) J. Wallace RE                       1968-70
WO2 (SSM) C. Lovely RE                 Mar 1992-Jul 1993
WO2 (SSM) S.G Rock RE                 Jul  1993-Oct 1994

             7 Headquarters and Support Squadron RE
                            Sergeant Majors

WO2 (SSM) J.C Mcmillan RE            Oct 1995-Apr 1996
WO2 (SSM) P.J. Waterman RE         Apr 1996-Apr 1998
WO2 (SSM) A.I Bartlam RE               Apr 1998-May 2000
WO2 (SSM) C. McIntosh RE             May 2000-Jul 2002
WO2 (SSM) N.C.Johnson RE            Jul 2002-Jul 2004
WO2 (SSM) N.R.Smalley RE             Jul 2004-Aug 2006
WO2 (SSM) R. Phillpott RE                Aug 2006-Sep 2008
WO2 (SSM) S.R.G Walker RE           Sep 2008-Jun 2010
WO2 (SSM) W.Iveson RE                  Jun 2010-Apr 2011
WO2 (SSM) M.Owen RE                     Apr 2011-Mar 2012
WO2 (SSM) S.P.Robinson RE           Mar 2012-Oct 2013
WO2 (SSM) S.A. Webster RE            Oct 2013-
WO2 (SSM) S. Atkins RE