A function in the Belfry
Johnny Greenhalgh and Paddy Makin
2 troop with Jock Gilliland, Arthur Waddle and Eric Elgie
Dennis Gander, Ray Rowe and Brian Metcalf
Fred, Ray and Brian
Ray Rowe and Arthur Waddle on football game
Welcoming in 1966
Fred, Ray, Jock, Arthur and Spanner
1 troop in party mood. Jock (bob) Rain leading the way. Lt Patrick Cobb far right
Les Hemminway,Ray Rowe and Fred Lasham
Chris Ellis and ???
Ray Rowe, Les Hemmingway and Ted Nunny
2 troop Brummie Crawford centre
Ray Rowe and Pete Rayner
Roy Park and Paddy hooks on right of picture
Its' him again !
Alec Sharp, Titch Peacock and Paddy Malcom Hooks
Chris Ellis and Co
Joe Carney and Bob Blakey
50 pfennig bought you 1 bottle of beer in the Belfry with 5 Pfg change
    The Belfry

The Squadron Bar
Brummie Crawford and Spud Taylor in the Belfry 1964/65
Scouse Davies