Shiny 7 Stores
A41 Portable Radio
Every G10 had a small stash of of Compo left over from Exercises
Larkspur C42 Radio
Frame for carrying A41
Larkspur 27ft Mask Kit
Charlie G
Please take a look around the stores but don't take anything unless you sign for it!
C42 Radio
A41 & Carrying Harness
Slidex Card & Pad
Slidex Wallet
Ferret Parts & Tools
The stores are 'diffy' a few items. If you have any 'buckshees' then please hand them in.
Many thanks.

T.H.E Storeman (Lcpl)
If you have any pictures that would enhance this page I would be grateful if you would forward them to me at this address:
FV432 Track Pulling Adapter
FV 432 Fuel Hopper Folded
FV432 Battery connector
FV432 Oil Filler