Ray, Fred and Me in Denmark
Les, Taff, ? And Fred
The Squadron on Floatation Training, Petershagen 1966
Dinghy, Paddy and Jim
Bulling Brasses, best done before visiting the Belfry
Photos kindly supplied by Graham Smith.

Gillios used by the British Army in the 1960s later it was replaced by the M2 Rigs
Johnny Ghurka
Pete Hildich and a 43 Sqn lad unloading stores on scheme
Me and Nick Booth  at the Memorial in Belsen
Belsen 1965
Air lift ex Bar Frost 1965
My lorry in MT Park 1966
The Squadron on floatation training, soon after receiving the FV432s in1966
Floatation Training Petershagen 1966
Antar Convoy with the Squadron APCs
SSM Radbron sat in centre
Tony Crawford with wife Carol and son at the Palace to receive the QGM 1989
Tony (Brummie) Crawford    Joe Carney  (Joe's 50th)     Taff
Sqn Rugby Team 1965/66 Back row far right: Sqn 2i/c Capt D.W.Williams. Centre row: L-R Tommy Burns,?? Mushy Turner, Graham Smith, Taff Beynon
Front row: ????? Taff Lewis
7 Fd Sqn Football Team 1964-ish!
Brummie Crawford & Spud Taylor
Photo: Mick Lawler 7 Squadron's old MT at Times Square
Photo: Mick Lawler.  Assualt boat race Hameln 1964. 1 troop in the lead
Photo: Mick Lawler.    Joe Dootson ? Holland 1963
Photo: Mick Lawler.    Des Goodwin & Mick Lawler
Photo: Mick Lawler.   Des Goodwin
Photo: Mick Lawler.  Arthur English Holland 1963/64?
Photo: Mick Lawler. Arthur English Holland 1963
Photo: Mick Lawler.  Arthur English & ? Soltau 1963
Photo: Mick Lawler.  Arthur English Soltau 1963
Photo: Mick Lawler. Alex Collins Soltau 1963
Photo: Mick Lawler.
Photo: Mick Lawler.  Des & Arthur
Soltau 1966. 7 Field Squadron at a live firing demo of a Honest John Missile
?  and Taff Lewis in Neumarkt Platz Central Osnabruck 1965
Shiny 7 Album
Geordie Skelton and Jock Muir Northern Ireland 1970s
2 Platoon 7 Coy 1945/46
1 Troop 1964
HQ Troop 1966/67
A 7 Field Company reunion
Dick  Hank  Stu  Graham  (Smudge)
1 Troop performing in the Belfry 1966/67
?  Dave (jock) Pomphrey 1960s
Dennis "Arthur" English , Ben Booker , Sammy Singleton , Michael "Ginge" O'Reilly , Barry Makin.

"Peggy" Mount , Jimmy "Jock" Hood , Ted Cooper , Barry Makin , Tony Carhill , Dennis "Arthur" English , Ben Booker.
Roy (Jock) Park
Jock Rain Mick Flavel Hughie Orr
2 Troop Bardufoss September 1965
John (Jock) Gilliland
Ray Rowe & Henry Aukinson
Norman Jones Ted Lowbridge Nick Hay
Dennis Gourman   Joe Gilleard  ?? 1940s
Lt A. Hobson MC.  Bridge Commander ''Amazon'' bridge Cassino May 1944
Brummie Crawford  Jock Gyte  Alan Morton Joe Carney Buster Banks
Amazon Bridge veterans visting 7 Field Squadron 1984
2 Troop at the quarry Osnabruck 1965