Shiny 7 in Ripon
In January 1968 the Squadron returned to the UK. The City of Ripon was our new home
Ripon Coat of Arms
Ripon Cathedrial. The Squadron attended Rememberance Services in the Cathedrial
The Squadron Office Block. Now looking quite sad. This photo was taken in 2008
The Squadron Spider. Facing the square
Eric ready for parade
Back of the Spider facing the MT Park
A room of the Spider used for the first re-union as seen here
Fred driving the troop CV in Ripon
Roy, (Jock) Park by the side of his damaged Ferret in the MT Park
The MT Park as it is today. These were the APC sheds specially built for the return of the Squadron in 1968
The Farewell parade in Ripon 1971
The Squadron stay in Ripon was short lived. In 1971 it returned to BAOR in Nienberg
Pixie & Hank at Harrogate Show
Christchurch 1970
2 Troop opening ceremony Kielder Bridge Project
Ray Tyrell, Geordie Johnson, Joe McCully, Scottie, Bradders
Ray Rogers, Paul Firman, Bob Gray
Plant troop in Kirton Lindsey
Geordie Tate Fred Sharp Paddy Heron Pete?
Plant Troop at Barnard Castle
Batman Dave Basher Pixie Geordie
Johnny Greenhalgh
Taff Hopkins Grader training
Ron Plaxton
1 Troop
2 Troop Bridge Project
Geordie Tate & Fred Sharp
Lt Thomas, Bernie, Paddy Weir
Tony Rogers