7 Field Company - Squadron Royal Engineers Honours and Awards
Mentioned in Despatches

Lt Anderson MiD 1855
Lt Drake MiD 1855
Capt F.R.F. Boileau MiD 1902
L/Cpl J. Boyd MiD 1902
Serjt H. Brush MiD 1902
20559 CSM G.Clark MiD 1902
Capt T. Fraser MiD 1902
Cpl K. Hackett MiD 1902
Maj E.D. Haggit MiD 1902
Lt C.R. Johnson MiD 1902
Maj and Brevet Lt-Col W.F.H.S. Kincaid MiD 1902
CSM H. Martin MiD 1902
Spr M. Matty MiD 1902
Lt H. Musgrave MiD 1902
Spr T. Oldcorn MiD 1902
Cpl J. Reid MiD 1902
L/Cpl F. Sherborne MiD 1902
Lt E.E. Wilson MiD 1902
24914 Cpl J Bates MiD 11.2.1918
17146 Spr W.W.A Bromley MiD 1915
11013 Lcpl A Davidson MiD 26.6.15
232  2nd Cpl J. Galvin MiD 1915
Lt K.I Gourlay MiD 17.2.15  (later in his service he was awarded the DSO and MC) 
15487 2nd Cpl Matthews MiD 1914-16
WO2 (CSM) Parker MiD 1914-18

Lt J.V. Barnes. MiD 1944
Lcpl W.Gardener MiD 1944-45

WO2 (CSM) R.Gilbert MiD 1939-40
LSgt Green MiD 1939-40
CSM F Smith MiD 1944-45
Sgt J Stamper MiD 1944-45
Victoria Cross

Cpl William James Lendrim V.C. 7 Coy Royal Sappers & Miners, Siege of Sabastopol Cimea 1855

Distinguished Service Order

Lt C.R. Johnson DSO 1899-1902
Lt R.L. McLintock DSO 1899-1902
Lt E.E.B.Wilson DSO 1899-1902

Major J.A McQueen DSO MC 1915-18
Major CBO Symons DSO 17.2.1915
Miltary Cross

Lt Ashcroft MC 1915-18
2nd Lt Baker MC 1917
Capt-Major Baldwin MC 1916-18
2nd Lt Chaplin MC 1914-18
Lt J.B. Glubb MC 1917
2nd Lt Littlewood MC 1917
Capt - Major J.A McQueen MC 1915-18
Lt H.G.Pottle MC 1914-18
2nd Lt Rebbeck MC 1914-18

Major Gillespie MC 1940
Lt A.D.E Curties MC 1939-40
Lt A. Hobson MC 1944
Major R.C.S. Low MC 1944

Military Medal

66859 Spr W Atkinson MM 1914-18
A/Sgt J. Bates MM 1914-18
45064 Acting Second Cpl J Black MM 1914-18
11234 Acting Sgt J Cheale MM 1914-1918
Cpl Cutts MM 1917
Spr Edwards MM 1917
22445 Sgt A.M.Farrer MM 1917
Sgt Frankenberg MM 1914-18
19268 Spr A.H.Freeman 1914-18
146058 Acting Cpl S.C Kelly MM 1914-18
Cpl Matthews MM 1914-18
Cpl Mumble MM 1914-18
Cpl Munroe MM 1914-18
Lcpl Park MM 1914-18
Spr Southern MM 1917
154567 Spr W Rack MM 1914-18
A/Sgt F. Wadkinson MM 1914-18

Sgt Cutler MM 1939-40
CSM Gale MM 1939-44
L/Cpl James MM July 1944
Sgt T.M.J. Riordan MM 1944
L/Sgt Vodden MM 1939-40
Distinguished Conduct Medal

Spr William Bruce DCM 1855
Spr Neil McInnis DCM 1855
20559 CSM G.Clark DCM 1902
CSM H.Martin DCM 1899-1902
Spr H. Matty DCM 1899-1902
Spr T. Oldcorn DCM 1899-1902
8685 Cpl C.H.Collings DCM 1915
25071 Pioneer G.E. Ems DCM 1915

Sgt Johnson DCM 1914
Cpl O'Connell DCM 1914-17
12820 2nd Cpl F.H. Parker DCM 1915
8724 Sgt H. Russell DCM 1915

Sgt. F. Clark DCM 1944

Belgium Croix de Guerre

Spr W Abbott awarded  Belgium Croix de Guerre 6.2.1918
About the above gallantry Medals

Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) was awarded to non-commissioned officers for bravery

Distinguished Service Order (DSO) was generally awarded to officers ranked Major and higher for distinguished war service

Military Cross Medal (MC) was awarded to commissioned officers of Captain and below, as well Warrant Officers, for valour during active operations

Military Medal was awarded to non-commissioned officers for bravery in land battle

Victoria Cross Medal (VC) was awarded for valour in the face of the enemy

Mentioned in Despatches (MID). “Mentioned in Despatches” was an award for commendable service or bravery. Despatches were official reports that detailed military operations. These reports were published in the London Gazette. Servicemen who had performed noteworthy actions were often mentioned in these reports, therefore having been
“Mentioned in Despatches.”

Brevet Commissions

In the United Kingdom the brevet commission was only by courtesy. Officially, both titles were used, as: "Major and Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Cornwallis" Originally the term designated a promotion given on such occasions as a coronation, or the termination of a great war, and had its origin during the reign of James II (1685-88); but it was abused so frequently and used to such an extent by the general award of brevet commissions, that in 1854, during and after the Crimean War, its bestowal was limited strictly to cases of very distinguished service in the field and on the principle of seniority. In the United Kingdom, brevet commissions were confined to ranks from captain to lieutenant-colonel.

Examples of some 7 Field Company WW1 DCM citations:
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WW1 Medal Card Front and Back
Below: WW2 citation for Military Medal, awarded to Sgt Thomas Mortimer John Riordan for his courageous efforts on building the Amazon Bailey Bridge May 1944 (the Christian name Matthews on this card is incorrect)
He was 25 years old, and a corporal Royal Sappers and Miners, British Army during the Crimean War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.
On 14 February 1855 during the Siege of Sevastopol, Crimea. Corporal Lendrim superintended 150 French Chasseurs in building No. 9 Battery left attack and replacing the whole of the capsized gabions under a heavy fire. On 11 April he got on top of a magazine under fire, and extinguished burning sandbags, making good the breach. On 20 April he was one of four volunteers who destroyed the screen which the Russians had erected to conceal their advance rifle-pits.
Sgt Frank Clark's DCM entry in the London Gazette October 1944. (bottom right)
Brevet Commissions
Brevet Colonel:

Major and Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel W.F.H.S. Kincaid RE

Brevet Major:

Capt T. Fraser RE
Capt F.R.F. Boileau RE

Legion d' honneur     Cpl W.J. Lendrim V.C.
Medaille militaire      Cpl W.J. Lendrim V.C.
Right: Lt Hobson M.C.,
later Major Hobson M.C.
Right: Sgt Tommy Riordan M.M.