Shiny 7 at Bridge Camp
On the outskirts of the Pied Piper Town of Hameln on the river Weser. The British Army used a tented camp site for accomodation while units were training nearby on the river Weser. It was mainly used by RE  units including the TA for training camps, building pontoon bridges and heavy ferry.etc.
2 Troop Heavy Ferry Hameln on the Weser
Photo Graham Smith
A pleasure boat sails by Wouldham hard the site where many a 'heavy ferry' was built
Hitler's Hill in the back ground
Bridge Camp site. Now with new housing estates on each side. The site is on a hillside. The tented accomodation was mainly on the left side of the road that runs up the centre. The stores and offices were on the right side. The NAAFI  Beer tent was located where the yellow pin is. There were permanent concrete hard stands for the 160 pounder tents we lived in. At the bottom of the road was a barrier and guard room, complete with RPs
A ten Tonner transports Heavy Ferry
1 Troop relaxing
2 troop's heavy ferry with an Avre Bridge Layer making a bridge
Photo from Ray Rogers. 2 Troop ferrying tanks across the Weser. This driver rolled back and almost sank the heavy ferry 1966
Dave Jock PMH
Wally and Eric
Jim Ross at Bridge Camp  1963 or 1964
Photo Graham Smith. Bridge Camp 1965
Wouldham Hard 1965 or 1966
On the day of the 1966 World Cup Football Final, The Shiny 7 watched the match live on a black and white German TV
with commentary from an English radio station in the NAAFI Marquee at Bridge Camp, Hameln
Tom, Fred & Martin.  Bridge Camp 1967
Lee Bowers & Sammy Singleton bridge camp, Hameln
Bogged in on a Bridging Gallop
Photos Joe Carney
2 troop
Photo Fred Lasham
Jim Ross ?                                            ? Dave Pomphrey Right
Heavy Ferry Training on the River Weser Hameln
Cleaning Heavy Ferry after being used to ferry tanks Circa 1965-6
16 sqn Guys
Norman Jones receives news of his third stripe while on Bridge Camp 1966
The guys around him are TA
George's Gast Hause Hameln near Gorden Barracks popular with soldiers
               Dennis "Arthur" English.
"Peggy" Mount , Jimmy "Jock" Hood , Ted Cooper , Barry Makin , Tony Carhill , Dennis "Arthur" English , Ben Booker.
Left to Right,
Dennis "Arthur" English , Jimmy "Jock" Hood , Ben Booker , Nick Hay , Fred Lasham o/s tent to rear.
Dennis "Arthur" English , Sammy Singleton , Jimmy "Jock" Hood.
Dennis "Arthur" English , Ben Booker , Sammy Singleton , Michael "Ginge" O'Reilly , Barry Makin.
Ben Booker , Dennis "Arthur" English , Sammy Singleton , Michael "Ginge" O'Reilly , Barry Makin , background on path is Fred Lasham.
Sammy Singleton. Photo taken by Arthur "shaky" English!
Fred & Chris- Bridge Camp Hameln
Photo courtesy Gordon Dadd
Photo courtesy Gordon Dadd
Right: Gordon Dadd at Bridge Camp
circa 1963-64
Above: Bridging at Bridge Camp circa 1963-64
Photo right: courtesy Geordie Skelton.

Right: Geordie Skelton and Mick Kearsley
at Bridge Camp early 1970's