7 Field Company REvisited 1918-2018
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Small photo collection of the 1918-2018 Black Horse Trail

The Black Horse Trail 1918-2018 took place 16-21 September 2018 in France and Belgium
Monchy Lagagche Church
Tertry Centre
Fay Church 18 September 2018
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The Black Horse Trail at Caulaincourt 18 September 2018
The BHT stand on the bridge that 7 Field Company and 149th Brigade HQ guarded on the evening of 22 March 1918
The second of three bridges east of Tertry 7 Field Company together with 149th Brigade HQ guarded on the evening 22nd March 1918
7 Field Company were billeted in Monchy Lagache 16-22 March 1918 whilst employed on defensive lines in the neighbourhood